What does diversity and inclusion mean to you and your organization?


What does diversity and inclusion mean to you and your organization?

Diversity, as a concept, requires the identification and understanding of unique differences among our PR peers and work colleagues. Inclusion moves beyond a simple comprehension of the variances in demographic characteristics and instead focuses on the purposeful act of welcoming diversity among these groups. Why is it important to embrace both concepts for your business? In doing so, we don’t simply acknowledge dissimilarities, but we also create an environment where all kinds of people can thrive and succeed, offering a hospitable atmosphere for exchange of ideas.

The PRSA National Diversity and Inclusion Committee defines diversity and inclusion as such:

To champion diversity of thought, cultures, disciplines, ideals, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation and age in order to develop an inclusive Society.

By reaching and involving members who represent a broad spectrum of differences, we will encourage and educate members about the benefits of a diverse profession by providing professional development, knowledge and support to help them succeed in public relations.

By embracing and promoting diversity and inclusion in our organizations, we can  transform our organizations, making a more creative and innovative environment.

Our PRSA National leaders bring attention to the issue of diversity and inclusion through strategic efforts including:

  • Making PRSA a more inclusive and welcoming society by reaching out to industry professionals of diverse racial backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations.
  • Helping to diversify the industry by supporting minority candidates who aspire to a career in public relations by helping them develop industry familiarity and knowledge, relevant skills and a network of professional contacts.
  • Bringing multicultural understanding and expertise to public relations professionals in order to address the diverse audiences in the nation.

While all of our organizations strive to develop and support our employees and members in order to advance our mission or surpass our financial objectives, not all of our businesses achieve this goal. By embracing our differences, through diversity and inclusion, we begin the process of broadening our viewpoints; therefore making a workplace or group setting that is open for free flow of information.

We would like to hear how your organization is embracing diversity and inclusion. Please share your examples from which our members could learn.

Reference: https://www.prsa.org/diversity/


What does diversity and inclusion mean to you and your organization?
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