Communicating your value – While you are busy communicating everything else.

See it. Say it. Support it.

These are the three steps to communicating your value. Sounds simple, right?

Then why aren’t we better at promoting ourselves?

As Public Relations and Marketing professionals, we often are so busy promoting everyone else, often we forget to promote ourselves. At the PRSA Gulf Coast’s June workshop we were guided by Coach Darcy Eikenberg, founder of Red Cape Revolution, through these three steps to communicating our value at work.

While, “See it. Say it. Support it.” seems easy on paper, putting these steps into action took a bit of practice.

My personal favorite was Coach Darcy’s advice on “How to BRAG, without making people GAG.” With some fun and fast-paced conversations we worked our way around the room getting comfortable talking to one another about our inner super powers. It got easier more we practiced.  Coach Darcy’s advice was relevant, engaging and empowering. It felt great to take time to invest in ourselves. Most of all, it gave us actionable steps to take back to work right away.

“See it. Say it. Support it.”

If you, your business or team could benefit from learning more about:

  • Why it’s more important than ever to talk about your superpowers, strengths & talents;
  • Simple ways to identify — and share — your success stories without feeling like you’re bragging;
  • How to use everyday situations to show the world your extraordinary value.

Call on Coach Darcy. She will get out her red cape and come to you.

Want to learn more about how to be heard at work? Read Darcy’s blog

PRSA June 2019 Workshop Recap