Cory O’Donnell, engagement editor of ​The News-Press , joined the PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter on Oct. 29 to share how ​News-Press​ and ​Naples Daily News​ maintains strong brand loyalty in order to become Southwest Florida’s brand of choice.

A crucial component of the presentation highlighted the importance of writing “substance” over “click-bait.” It is not enough to write a hook that will get readers clicking, what really matters is providing quality content that grabs the reader’s attention AND keeps them engaged throughout. Whereas 10 years ago, readers might have had to wait 6-12 hours, newspapers similar to ​The News-Press use software such as Chartbeat to know what consumers are reading instantly, showing article and social data in real-time. With the use of this data, curators are able to adapt and continue to raise the bar: to meet and exceed reader expectations.

In addition, readers are seeing the news come in different forms: Apps and E-mail Newsletters, to name a few. More than just a physical newspaper and these outlets offer ways in which readers can easily access stories that are written for the user interface. Such examples of popular ​News-Press​ Newsletters are ​SWFL Eats with Jean Le Boeuf​ , ​Top 5 Stories​ and O’Donnell’s own ​Cape Life with ‘Cape Cory’​ .

Another resource offered are the Editorial Boards, the collective voice of ​News-Press​ and ​Naples Daily News​ to debate issues, meet community leaders and conduct interviews. ​News-Press allows for 5 citizen editorial board members that are elected through a nomination process for 12-month terms, with current members serving until June 30, 2020.

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Brand Loyalty with Cory O’Donnell, engagement editor of ​The News-Press​