May PRSA Membership Specials

During the month of May, any new PRSSA graduates with less than 2 years PR experience receive a free 1-year “New Professionals Section” membership when they join National as an Associate member ($60-$155 annual dues). Chapter and other section dues are additional. When completing the application, you must refer to promo code AM13.

During the month of August, new members receive a free 1-year Chapter membership with they join National as a regular member ($255 annual dues + $65 initiation fee). When completing the application, you must refer to promo code AUG13.



A Community You Can Count On

Dear Chapter Leaders:

I am excited to provide you details for our upcoming Membership Campaign – “A Community You Can Count On” which offers new members a free Chapter membership when they join PRSA.

As you know Membership involves you. Once a month, I will send you  updates providing you with details to assist your Chapter.   Based off your feedback, I will be reviewing the content of these emails and update them to provide you with tips, tools and tactics to best lead your Chapter.  This month we will only discuss our Chapter promotion, but stay tuned as a new and improved forum is created to provide you with the tools you need. If there is additional information you think we should be providing – please let me know. In the meantime, enjoy the information about the promotion!


This offer will be the same as the previous free Chapter campaign we ran earlier this year. When a new member joins PRSA national they receive, a free one-year membership to the PRSA Chapter of their choice. PRSA National covers the cost of the first year Chapter dues!


In order to assist you we created a website that provides tips and tools to get the most from this promotion. For this promotion we created additional resources to expand our reach. The resources include:


In the next few days you will be receiving a packet from us that includes:

  • Offer overview and tips.
  • Promotional fliers.
  • Our generic membership application with a space for the promotion code in the payment section. We do encourage prospects to join online.

Additional Information

This offer is open to new members and reinstating members who have been inactive for at least one year and rejoin as regular members. (Associate members are not eligible).

Reimbursements are made with the monthly payments that National sends to Chapters for dues collected.

At the end of this promotion, we will award the Chapters who have:

  • Greatest overall growth during the promotion.
  • Most new members specifically from this offer.

Awards are reimbursements towards Chapter professional development expenses; the total number of new members from the promotion determines the award amounts.

What is National Doing?

In addition to providing Chapters with resources we will be doing the following as part of this campaign:

  • Direct email to prospects – people who have attended a PRSA PD Event.
  • Posting details on all of our social media channels.
  • Encouraging key leaders to blog about the value of membership!
  • Providing a prominent position on our website.


Your feedback is really important to us.  Please take one minute and click here to answer four questions about future promotions, it would be really appreciated.

For those of you who I am just starting to work with. I am really looking forward to growing our community together. Please contact me if you need anything or would like to share ideas, suggestions etc.


Mary Ann T. Green
Membership Chair, PRSA Gulf Coast Chapter