October 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – PR Strategy Helped Naples Soap Company Grow

How a PR Strategy Helped the Naples Soap Company to Grow

Deanna Renda
Deanna Renda, CEO

Join us for this month’s Luncheon on Tuesday, October 25!

11:30 network, Noon program

Learn how Deanna Renda, CEO of Naples Soap Company, took her company from a small solo entity to a multi-location business and online international player.

Since the founding of Naples Soap Company, people from all around the world have used its natural and organic skin care products to eliminate their chronic skin issues. Learn the challenges that are overcome in developing a PR strategy that constantly shifts and changes as a company goes through the growing cycles.

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The Naples Soap Company offers the highest quality natural and organic skin care products that are not only beautiful, but more importantly, produce results – relief for those suffering from chronic skin care issues.

Deanna personally has had eczema and psoriasis most of her life. She tried everything to relieve her symptoms – including products recommended by dermatologists. When her daughter was born, she too, had eczema. Deanna began a diligent search for products that would relieve their symptoms.

Being a nurse, Deanna understood the effects harsh commercial chemicals can have on the body. She began using natural and organic products on herself and her daughter. Before long, they were seeing amazing results. The combination of these ingredients made a tremendous difference in their skin. Eventually they were both free of their skin issues.

Since founding Naples Soap Company, people from all over the world have used their products to eliminate their chronic skin issues and live happier lives with less frustration. It is their pleasure to share what they have learned. The Naples Soap Company loves the positive feedback from customers who rave about how good their skin looks and feels.

Ethics Month Activities – September 2016

Donna Heiser, APR
Donna Heiser, APR – Ethics Officer

September is Ethics Month!

September is PRSA’s Ethics Month and our national Board of Ethics and Professional Standards has been hard at work preparing a variety of ethics-related articles, Twitter chats and programming to help you make Ethics the Heart of Leadership.

To follow is a comprehensive list of activities for the month.

Thank you so much for your attention and commitment to ethics and to PRSA. Happy Ethics Month!

Donna C. Heiser, APR
Ethics Officer


Take the Ethics Month Survey 2016:
The Arthur W. Page Center has awarded a grant to BEPS members Marlene Neill, PhD, assistant professor, Baylor University, and Nancy Weaver, APR, internal communications manager at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  The 2016 survey, “How Millennials View Ethics in Public Relations,” will be conducted during ethics month and feature input from both new pros and associate members.  The results from the first phase of the study (September 2015) will be presented at the PRSA International Conference, as well as shared through other public relations channels. The survey will be distributed Sept. 7 with a reminder email two weeks later.

New pros and associate members are encouraged to take the survey and to attend the PRSA International Conference session.

Tactics Article – “Building the Ethical Expectations within Your Organization Begins with You” by Jim Lukazewski

Read and share Jim’s wisdom on social media. #PREthics

PRSAY Blog Posts:  Various authors, including Nance Larsen, APR, Fellow PRSA and 2016 BEPS Chair, Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA, Marlene Neill PhD., APR, and Johnathan Slater, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA will pose discussions and address current ethical challenges, issues and best practices throughout the year and ethics month. First blog post for Ethics Month will be September 1.

Read and share these blog posts with your social media circle. #PREthics

September 8 – 3 PM EDT: Ethics Month Webinar – The Art and Courage of Dealing with Ethical Issues

As the ethics counselor of your organization, public relations professionals seek to work with senior executives from a variety of departments to develop allies and form coalitions when their own power is limited.  This ethics webinar will discuss how to recruit allies and form coalitions as a means to influence more senior executives as well as provide examples of persuasive techniques that can be used to raise ethical concerns.

Panel: Dr. Bryan Reber, author “Gaining influence in Public Relations”

Debra Bethard-Caplick, MBA, APR practitioner with a personal story

Emmanuel Tchividjian, BEPS member and ethics officer

Nance Larsen, APR, Fellow PRSA, Chair of BEPS

Sign into your PRSA account and enjoy this FREE Webinar! Extra credit if you invite peers. Extra – double secret extra credit if you schedule a program or encourage your PRSA peers to participate.

Twitter Chats – #PREthics (unless otherwise designated)

September 13 – 8:30 pm EDT, PR Student Chat – “Ethics, the Heart of Public Relations” by Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA, Associate Professor, Communications/Public Relations, Curry College – #PRStudChat

Realistic workplace scenarios, based on the PRSA Code of Ethics, will be presented to the attendees for discussion.  Solutions, tools and tips will be provided on how to successfully deal with ethical issues.

September 20 – 8 PM EDT – Twitter Chat – Let’s Talk Ethics!  Best Practices for Ethics Curriculum in Public Relations

PR Division of AEJMC and the PRSA Educators Academy to discuss ethic curriculum

Panelists include: Tiffany Gallicano, Ph.D, and Elizabeth Toth, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA

September 21 – 1 PM EDT – PR/Pro/Journalist Chat – Supporting Ethical Journalism with Nancy Weaver, APR, internal communications manager at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Lynn Walsh, journalist, KNSD and President-elect for the Society of Professional Journalists.

September 21 at 8 PM EDT – New Pros Chat
Social Media & Ethics: Common Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them
The relationship between PR and social media is ever-evolving. Managing this relationship while maintaining a commitment to ethics is a balancing act. Join us to learn about the common pitfalls associated with using social media in public relations and find out how to avoid them!

HOST:  Marlene S. Neill, Ph.D., APR, Assistant Professor, Baylor University, Department of Journalism, Public Relations & New Media (@neillpr)

Participate in and share these Twitter chats.

For more information on Ethics, please visit PRSA National’s Ethics page.

September 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – PR Ethics Media Panel

PR Ethics Media Panel

Phil Lewis, Moderater
Phil Lewis, Moderator

Join us for this month’s Luncheon on Tuesday, September 27!

11:30 network, Noon program

Learn from the media pros and their candid discussion on ethics good and bad from people in the PR profession.

Former Naples Daily News editor Phil Lewis will moderate a panel on PR ethics that will include actual incidents and stories that turned out good, and where the PR pro sent them down a bad road.

Panelists include Naples Daily News Columnist Brett Batten, WINK NEWS Anchor/Reporter Corey Lazar, WGCU-FM Station Manager and News Director Amy Tardif, and Gulfshore  Business magazine Editor Phil Borchman.

Expect a lively discussion with room for Q & A.

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Brett Batten, Naples Daily News Columnist


Corey Lazar, WINK NEWS Anchor/Reporter

Corey Lazar

Amy Tardif, WGCU-FM Station Manager and News Director


Phil Borchman, Gulfshore Business Editor

Phil Borchman

August 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – Public Speaking Excellence

Learn major secrets to presentation skills for success(and overcome self-limiting fears once and for all!)

public-speaking3wHighly-experienced trainers Peggy Sealfon & Arnold Klinsky will conduct a training session for the Gulf Coast Chapter of PRSA.
The challenge of Public Speaking is the #1 fear that people have. This program provides real solutions, giving participants the greatest insights, skills, and training to build confidence and overcome fears. You’ll learn clear ways of mastering your inner voice to deliver more authentic, more riveting speeches. You’ll also acquire cutting-edge tips for improving presentations.

If you get anxious in front of a microphone, this dynamic program can change your experience and give you the power to deliver the most effective, memorable speeches.

Anyone can become an outstanding public speaker with the insightful guidance of these two experts in public speaking.  Arnold Klinsky focuses on the external skills and insights to craft your attention-getting speeches. Peggy Sealfon connects you to the internal skills that allow you to celebrate your message and talents in a way you may have never experienced.  Few training’s address these inner secrets in ramping up your performance.

What you will learn:

  • The 6 Ps that are essential to guarantee a stellar performance
  • How to make sure everyone walks away from your talk motivated and engaged
  • The 3 vital things to incorporate in any speech rehearsals so you can’t fail.
  • Key ways to understand your audience and deliver messages they can hear.
  • How to calm your nerves before, during and after using unshakeable techniques
  • Powerful techniques that build self-awareness to advance your ideas.
  • The 10 things that will guarantee your delivery is a massive success
  • How to tune in to your authentic voice that will captivate every audience
  • And so much more.

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About the speakers:

peggy-sealfon-office-bw-WEBPeggy Sealfon

Peggy Sealfon is a Personal Development Coach, wellness specialist, motivational speaker, and former journalist. She has written for such publications as the New York Times and Newsweek International.

She spends her time helping people overcome life’s big and small frustrations and challenges.Her highly effective Stress Buster System and her Integrated Life Plan Coaching System have been adapted by many individuals and companies throughout the United States.

Sealfon is author of the best selling book Escape from Anxiety – Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z and co-author of The Change–Insights into Self Empowerment, with Jim Britt (Tony Robbins’ first mentor) and others.
Arnold-K-w-bandwArnold Klinsky

Arnold Klinsky’s career has been in the broadcasting industry, working for such iconic organizations as Viacom and Paramount Pictures.

In both radio and television he has served as news anchor, talk show host, and on-air personality. Not only has his organization been honored with a regional Emmy Award, but he has the prestigious distinction of personally being inducted in the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Throughout his career, he has trained aspiring speakers in developing the right skills to enter the broadcast field. Most recently he serves as a master of ceremonies, charity auctioneer and lecturer.

June 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – Ambition meets incompetence. The story of politics and marketing.

Ambition Meets Incompetence. The Story of Politics and Marketing.

Roy Lenardson
Roy Lenardson

Join us for this month’s Luncheon on Tuesday, June 28!

11:30 network, Noon program

After twenty years of toiling away in the campaign business, with clients ranging from local school board members to Presidents —  one thing has become clear: It really is that bad.’

All is not lost!

Even the slowest of politician is beginning to realize that Sunday morning robo-calls, 1/8 page black and white newspaper ads on Election Day and mailbox litter featuring 10 font —and 8 point type heralding   unintelligible policy pronouncements “just ain’t cutting it.”

So, is there an opportunity for marketing and commutations professionals to successfully invade the campaign space?  The answer is yes. We’ll talk about that and I’ll walk you through the opportunity points that occur in campaigns and where you can begin to infiltrate an industry run by frat boys and groupies.

Presentation by Roy Lenardson, President of Strategic Advocacy, a political consulting firm from Augusta Maine.

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About Roy Lenardson, President of Strategic Advocacy

Roy Lenardson builds and implements effective public strategies across the fields of government and business. Throughout his career, Roy has delivered an impressive series of wins for his clients in legislative, grassroots and political campaigns. He has served as a trusted counselor and effective advocate in government, as an in-house professional and in service to clients.

As President of Strategic Advocacy, Roy has represented dozens of clients across a range of public affairs efforts including, as a sample:

  • Management of state legislative affairs for a gaming company with interests in several states, including three referenda campaigns.
  • Management of 11 municipal campaigns for a pipeline approval for a natural gas company.
  • Management and advocacy for significant insurance reforms and development of innovative new insurance products
  • Management of the government and public affairs for a solid waste consortium comprised of 185 municipalities.
  • Implementation of dozens of campaigns for national corporations to build grassroots support for Washington policy efforts and to influence state delegations in health care, taxation, technology and energy.
  • Management of more than one hundred campaigns including; state house and senate races, congressional campaigns, municipal and county offices.

Lenardson has a BA in Political Science from University of New Hampshire, and attended Muskie School of Public Affairs, University of Maine for Public Policy.

May 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – Leveraging social media and content to build brands and drive results

Stephen Dupont
Stephen Dupont

Truck Drivers, Smiling Millennials and Ice Fishermen
Leveraging social media and content to build brands and drive results

Join us for this month’s Luncheon on Tuesday, May 24

11:30 network, Noon program

What do recruiting truck drivers, selling beer to thirsty ice fishermen, and driving Millennials to a dental insurance website have in common?

In this seminar by Stephen Dupont, vice president of public relations and branded content at Minneapolis branding firm Pocket Hercules, you’ll learn seven insightful lessons on how to leverage social media and branded content to build your organization’s brand, engage core fans while letting others listen in, and drive tangible results.

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About Stephen Dupont, APR, Vice President, Pocket Hercules

For more than 25 years, Stephen Dupont has developed award-winning communications campaigns for B2B and B2C brands representing a range of industries, from fishing and financial services to industrial equipment and medical tech devices. He has launched start-ups, ignited brand awareness for Fortune 500 companies, conducted social media campaigns, and handled corporate communication matters involving mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, turnarounds and crisis situations (identity theft, bomb threats, regulatory investigations, etc.). Stephen served as the 2001 president of the PRSA Minnesota and his work has been honored with three Silver Anvil awards, the highest award in the PR industry. He is a frequent contributor toPublic Relations Tactics and The Strategist magazines. To learn more about Stephen, visit his blog, stephendupont.co, or visit pockethercules.com.

April 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – From Beethoven to ZZ Top – How Artis—Naples Finds Their Many Audiences

Ashley Mirakian
Ashley Mirakian

From Beethoven to ZZ Top – How Artis—Naples Finds Their Many Audiences

Join the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Gulf Coast Chapter on April 26, 2016 for this month’s luncheon, featuring Ashley Mirakian, Vice President Marketing and Patron Engagement, for Artis-Naples.

Ashley will walk us through Branding, Identifying, Finding, Funding and Capturing your ideal audience for a different show each night.

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Tuesday, April 26 11:30 a.m. at
Naples Hilton
5111 Tamiami Trail North
Naples, Florida 34103

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Networking
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Luncheon Presentation

Ashley Mirakian Bio:

Ashley Mirakian has been Vice President of Marketing and Patron Engagement at Artis—Naples for just over one year. She is thrilled for the opportunity to speak at PRSA on behalf of her hard-working colleagues at Artis—Naples. What is “Patron Engagement”? It means being the voice of the audience point-of-view inside the organization and connecting audiences to an up-close and personal experience with art.  The team at Artis—Naples prioritizes clear marketing communications and an efficient and friendly customer service experience.

Mirakian has a decade of experience in branding, marketing, public relations and customer service. She was previously the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the Toledo Symphony (TSO) for six successful seasons. In 2011, the Toledo Symphony made its Carnegie Hall debut with over 1400 people in attendance either from Toledo or with Toledo connections. This is a direct result of a two-year communications and branding plan, which emphasized the unique and aspirational qualities of the debut. Rave reviews from The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, the Toledo Blade and Financial Times of London elevated the stature of the orchestra internationally. She was also active in programming for the symphony’s Pops Series and substantially increased single ticket and subscription revenue for the series through arena-style event marketing and dynamic pricing.

As a consultant, Mirakian successfully led the Toledo Opera through a significant re-branding and re-introduction process to the Toledo region.  With her assistance, the opera has enjoyed completely sold out houses and a revitalized image. Prior to her appointments in Toledo, Ashley led the marketing and public relations departments of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra in Norfolk, VA and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra in suburban Chicago. She has also held administrative positions with the Brevard Music Center (North Carolina), the Bloomington Area Arts Council (Indiana), and the New Haven Arts Council in Connecticut.

Ashley’s background is in music performance and musicology. She is a bassoonist, having performed with the University of Toledo Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, Rockford Symphony Orchestra, IU Opera Theatre, IU Graduate Wind Quintet and Yale Symphony Orchestra, among others. She lives in North Naples with her husband and daughter and expects a new addition to the family any day now.

Independent Practitioner Group Meeting – April 2016

Independent Practitioners Workshop

Phyllis Ershowsky
Phyllis K. Ershowsky, MBA, APR, CPRC

April 26, 2016
10:30 a.m.
Naples Hilton
Board Room

Prior to the regular monthly meeting

Get Your Own Marketing Into Action

Independent PR practitioners want to grow their businesses, but they frequently face what seem to be insurmountable challenges to effectively marketing their services and to attract more of their ideal clients.

But these challenges are, more often are not, internal not external.

Most of us have the skills to create a powerful marketing message, develop an attention-getting website or launch an effective marketing campaign. But for many reasons, some of us are stuck.

Our discussion will be based on excerpts from a PRSA (national) teleseminar on “Getting Unstuck” that aired on March 30, 2016 and will address:

  • Why your marketing is stuck and how this triggers stress
  • How to identify underlying beliefs that hold your marketing back
  • Patterns of language (that we’re not aware of) that only increase stuckness
  • Myths about marketing that tend to increase fear and avoidance of marketing
  • Why expecting that your marketing should be easy only makes things worse
  • A powerful cognitive process that can get your marketing unstuck in minutes

Lead by:

Phyllis K. Ershowsky, MBA, APR, CPRC

Independent Practisioners Alliance Member

We hope our IPs will join us!  Please RSVP by 4/19/16 to: phyllis@pkecreative.com as space is limited.



March 2016 Lunch N’ Learn – Leading Change

Leading Change – Transition from Local to a Regional Powerhouse

Join us Tuesday, March 22, for our Lunch N’ Learn

11:30 Networking – Program and Lunch at Noon

Naples Hilton – 5111 Tamiami Trail North, Naples 34103

Theo Etzel head Shot Plain Lapel
Theo Etzel

Theo Etzel, Author and President/CEO of Conditioned Air Corporation, a $45 million business employing 350 full-time co-workers, will present “Leading Change” in a Question and Answer format.

You won’t want to miss Theo’s insights on business opportunities as Southwest Florida continues to grow, prosper and flourish. He will present methods to grow business and personal development.

Key areas of discussion will be:

  1. Creating and adjusting the brand
  2. Dealing with employees
  3. Changes in marketing and promotion
  4. Lessons learned


$27  PRSA Members
$35  Non-Members
$20  Students

To Register – Click Here

Biography and Book

Theo Etzel head Shot Plain LapelW. Theodore (Theo) Etzel, III

Theo Etzel, who was born and raised in Miami, FL; attended Ransom-Everglades High School, where he began sports announcing in football and water polo. He interned at WKAT radio on Miami Beach where he developed a love of radio, the microphone and voice-over work. He graduated from Stetson University in DeLand, Fla. in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science in economics and finance from the university’s School of Business and also managed the school’s radio station.

Upon graduation, he worked for Days Inns of America in real estate acquisition for the state of Florida. He quickly advanced in the company and moved to Atlanta to serve as vice president of development.

While in Atlanta, Etzel also owned two Ben & Jerry’s ice cream franchises and was on the staff of Habitat for Humanity, building homes and acquiring and rezoning land in north Fulton County for the organization.

In 1995, he moved to Naples and assumed the position of president and CEO of Conditioned Air Corporation of Naples Inc. At the time, it was a $2.7 million operation in the residential market. By 2015, the company had grown to a $45 million organization in the residential and light commercial market with emergency service, contracts, production housing, retro-fit and custom design-build construction. Conditioned Air employs nearly 350 full-time co-workers and has branch offices in Ft. Myers and Sarasota. In 2010, Conditioned Air received the National Contractor of the Year award from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. In 2011, Conditioned Air was awarded the Uncommon Friends Foundation Business Ethics Award for commitment to Integrity in their business practices.

Cover Photo.jpgTheo is part of Vistage, an international association of CEOs dedicated to constant improvement of business practices and personal development. He is past-chairman of the board for Grace Place for Children and Families, a faith-based charity committed to helping underprivileged and at-risk children attain higher learning and life skills through mentoring relationships. He is Chairman of the Board of Encore Bank, a community bank headquartered in Southwest Florida. In October of 2011, Theo was inducted into the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame in Collier County and named a Man of Distinction in 2013 by the Collier County Champions for Learning.

Theo is the author of the book, Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely, (Greenleaf Book Group Press) released in April of 2016. The book focuses on practical, philosophical and principled leadership concepts for business and life.

He and his wife, Kim, have been married since 1980 and have two children, a son, Chad, and a daughter, Kristen, who are both married and pursuing their own successful careers.

Success, Results, and Tourism – Adapting PR to the changing landscape – President’s message February 2016

President Russell Tuff
President Russell Tuff

If you didn’t attend the last meeting, you missed a good one on the future outlook for media in SW Florida. It was a great turnout, with many old and new faces in the media/public relations arena.

I’m excited to tell you of this month’s meeting that should be equally as relevant to you and your community as we tie in PR with the growing tourism industry. Our special guests Terry Gallager, President, Lou Hammond & Associates and Jack Wert, Executive Director of our local tourism bureau discuss their efforts entitled “Tourism Trends – Public Perceptions & PR Pitches.” Click Here to See More on how the NY firms tell our story. Should you change your practices?

Are you an independent PR practitioner?

If so, you’ll want to go to our first section session that will be hosted by Phyllis Ershowsky, a long term PR pro that is a member of the National Independent Section of PRSA and attends their meetings. Any interested party may attend. Click Here – For the Details.

Note the free webinars below for members.

I repeat this year’s theme: Reaching New Heights – Evolve – Excite – Engage.

Join us in taking your career to the next level.