August 2019 President’s Message

Members Provide Valuable Insights in Survey

Research is at the foundation of all we do as public relations and communications professionals. To ensure that we were meeting member needs, your Gulf Coast Chapter board members chose to conduct a survey to gather data for decision making about programs, services and communications.

One of our newest board members, Dr. Karen Platt, APR, M+, loves research and data. She volunteered to draft and distribute the survey. Thank you, Karen.

Based on the survey results (highlights below), the Gulf Coast Chapter of PRSA will continue to offer guest speakers and workshops, and will ramp up networking events. Based on member input, topics for upcoming programs will include, among others, strategic communications, social media and media relations. One of the highly rated topics—measurement—will be covered at the September luncheon program.

Here are a few highlights of the results:

  • 57 Members were queried and 21 responses received (37% response rate).
  • Most respondents had an average of 2-5 years of membership with PRSA and more than half (53%) have been in the PR field for more than 15 years and 85% for more than 10 years.
  • 53% said they were satisfied and 28% were very satisfied with the Gulf Coast Chapter of PRSA. No one responded that they were unsatisfied.
  • An overwhelming number of people (72%) were extremely interested in strategic communications and 70% in social media. Other areas of extreme interest included measurement (67%), media relations and marketing (55%), community relations (53%). Media training and video were at 48%.
  • Nearly 30% of the 21 respondents already have their APR accreditation, several indicated they are ready to earn their accreditation and nearly half expressed interest in pursuing the APR at a later time. Only 15% said they were not interested.
  • Respondents were most interested in guest speakers (90%), workshops (65%), and networking opportunities (60%).
  • Overall members felt the chapter communications were good (52%) or excellent (48%).
  • Strengths of the chapter are the speakers, community engagement, board, networking, and professional contacts.
  • The need for more networking outside of program lunches was identified as a weakness, which we see as a great opportunity for the remainder of this year and beyond. Other weaknesses included the size of the chapter (we say boutique) and the annual cost of membership.
  • More than half (57%) of the respondents are very likely and a third (33% ) are likely to recommend the Gulf Coast Chapter of PRSA to a colleague.

If you have questions or suggestions about the survey results, please let me or another board member know. We value your input and will continue to provide the programs and networking opportunities you need for your personal and professional growth.

August 2019 President’s Message